Projektet skal søge at styrke det internationale samarbejde om at sikre, at kunstnere, kulturaktører, forskere og formidlere kan tænke, producere og formidle kreativt og frit.
The Fund has granted Project Funding to 49 projects with a total amount of DKK 6.2 million! The Fund received 167 valid applications in the year’s second application round with the deadline 4th of May.

Your application process

1. Your bright idea

Develop your project and draw inspiration from successful applicants. Consider applying for Opstart funding to develop your idea and your Nordic network.

2. Your application

3. Response and payment(s)

Await a response to your application. See what to do once you receive funding.

Cultural policy | Corona
We have made a report which analyses and provides an insight into some of the overall trends that can be seen in how the corona crisis has been handled in the cultural sector in the Nordic countries.
The Fund is working to ensure that our criteria remain up to date and can support the development and renewal of art and cultural life under the altered circumstances.


The Nordic Culture Fund awards grants worth approximately DKK 31 million every year.


The Fund receives 1,300 applications every year.


Every year approximately 180 receive funding for projects, 105 receive funding for OPSTART, and 57 receive funding for Puls.