Our office in Copenhagen is closed during winter holidays between December 20th 2018 - January 6th 2019. We are back answering mails and phone calls starting January 7th. Happy holidays everyone!

The Nordic Culture Fund supports an innovative and dynamic artistic and cultural scene in the Nordic Region, one that is diverse, accessible and of high quality.

The new strategy focuses on network formation, knowledge of art and culture and includes a new global focus.
A newly published catalogue contains ideas and conclusions from the conference 'Harmony of Opposites - Composition as a profession in the Nordic countries', held by the Nordic Culture Fund and the Nordic Council of Composers in September in Oslo.

Your application process

1. Your bright idea

Develop your project and draw inspiration from successful applicants. Consider applying for OPSTART funding to develop your idea and your Nordic network.

2. Your application

Get off to a good start – read the application criteria. Create a profile and submit your application on My Page. If you are applying for OPSTART fill in the application here

3. Response and payment(s)

Await a response to your application. See what to do once you receive funding.

The Danish Arts Foundation and Arts Council Norway launch a new research programme on Art and social communities.
The analysis and consultant agency, Oxford Research, is in May and April carrying out an evaluation and stakeholder analysis for the Nordic Culture Fund which will provide important input to the Nordic Culture Fund’s coming strategy.


The Nordic Culture Fund awards grants worth approximately DKK 31 million every year.


The Fund receives 1,100 applications every year.


Every year approximately 170 receive funding for projects, 90 receive funding for OPSTART, 10 receive funding for HANDMADE and 35 receive funding for puls in 2017.