In collaboration with the Embassy of Sweden in Copenhagen and Øresundsinstituttet, the fund will arrange a round-table discussion that focuses on cultural co-operation between Sweden and Denmark. The session aims to illustrate the status of cultural activities in the Öresund Region today.
The Nordic Culture Fund is launching a new five-year programme in 2020-2024, designed to give artists and cultural players new opportunities to seek funding support for projects that extend beyond the Nordic region. The programme is a response to the ever-growing need for new ways to act informally and progressively across borders. That is why the fund is launching the new global initiative, which will expand perspectives on Nordic art and culture.

Your application process

1. Your bright idea

Develop your project and draw inspiration from successful applicants. Consider applying for Opstart funding to develop your idea and your Nordic network.

2. Your application

3. Response and payment(s)

Await a response to your application. See what to do once you receive funding.

Cultural policy
The cultural-political convention Folk och kultur will be arranged for the third time in Eskilstuna, Sweden on 5-8 February 2020. The Fund will contribute actively to the Nordic programme of the event.
From January 2020, the fund’s applicants will encounter a revamped application portal (called My Page) and new application forms.


The Nordic Culture Fund awards grants worth approximately DKK 31 million every year.


The Fund receives 1,300 applications every year.


Every year approximately 180 receive funding for projects, 105 receive funding for OPSTART, and 57 receive funding for Puls.