Apply for Opstart no later than 24 November if you wish to receive a response before the winter break. After that, it will not be possible to submit a new application until 13 January 2020.
The Fund will meet central actors for developing cultural co-operation in Nordic contexts.
The Nordic Culture Fund has recently published an annual report for activities in 2018. The report summarises also the fund’s activities in 2016-2018 which followed the previous strategy.

Your application process

1. Your bright idea

Develop your project and draw inspiration from successful applicants. Consider applying for Opstart funding to develop your idea and your Nordic network.

2. Your application

Get off to a good start – read the application criteria. Create a profile and submit your application on My Page. If you are applying for Opstart fill in the application here

3. Response and payment(s)

Await a response to your application. See what to do once you receive funding.

We have created a series of tutorials to develop and improve a venue’s or festival’s digital communication as a part the fund's music program Puls.
We welcomed two new Project Ambassadors to our team in August - Randi Samsonsen from the Faroe Islands and Inger Margrethe Stoveland from Norway.


The Nordic Culture Fund awards grants worth approximately DKK 31 million every year.


The Fund receives 1,300 applications every year.


Every year approximately 180 receive funding for projects, 105 receive funding for OPSTART, and 57 receive funding for Puls.