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The projects include a wide range of different initiatives and activities, ranging from festivals and conferences to experimental installations and interdisciplinary collaborations that work in the field between art and technology/science in different contexts of societies.

Among the supported projects is the trans-Nordic project “Arkiv i dag - relevans, deltagelse og dialog. Visioner om nordisk arkivformidling i det 21 århundrede”, which focuses on dissemination and the role of communication in the Nordic archives and on developing the user experience in the archive field, which often becomes too opaque for the general user.

The Fund also received several applications from Sami artists and culture practitioners. Among one of the supported Sami projects is “The Vuogas Way 1: Sániidkeahtta hallat / Speaking without words”, a nomadic contemporary art concept. The project invites nine artists to each create a work of art, all based on Sami handicrafts, and which must be able to be worn and displayed on bodies.

A third project that received funding is the project "South-North Circuit", which focuses on the theme of "Adaptation". The project brings together artist resendies from seven different countries to create a collaborative installation. The project will focus on social, cultural and environmental sustainability. The artistic production from the meeting will result in a short film, a publication and two exhibitions in Madrid and Helsinki.

The next application deadline is 2 May 2022.

Find a list of all granted projects here.