Based on the feedback from applicants and the Fund’s experts, the Fund has decided to adjust the criteria for Project Funding. The purpose of amending the current criteria has been to clarify to applicants what is required when applying for Project Funding.

From now on, applications will be assessed based on three main criteria: artistic/cultural content and ambition, Nordic relevance and collaboration in the project and relevant and realistic project economy. You can read more about the three assessment criteria on our website.

The next application deadline for Project Funding is 3 October 2022. Applications can be submitted from Monday, 29 August. A response is given approximately seven weeks after the deadline.

Two application rounds from 2023
Starting from 2023 Project Funding can be applied for via two annual application rounds instead of three. The aim is to balance Project Funding with the relatively new Opstart and Globus Opstart programmes which can be applied for on an ongoing basis, as well as with the Fund’s brand new Globus Call which has its first application deadline in the Autumn.

The Fund awards Project Funding to arts and cultural projects that build on and develop collaborative relations across the Nordic region. Emphasis is placed on the originality of the projects and on cross-border collaborations in the Nordic countries, but projects that extend beyond the Nordic region in various ways.

In the latest application round, the fund awarded Project Funding to 37 projects with a total amount of DKK 6.003.000. Among the granted projects was the Icelandic LungA Shool's experimental initiative Air Conditions 2022 - a correspondence which is a collaboration between a Norwegian and an Icelandic radio station where different artists' interpretations of air as a subject culminate in a series of radio programmes. Another project that received funding was the innovative, artist-driven, pop-up initiative MoNDA - Museum of Nordic Digital Art which focuses particularly on Nordic and international contemporary art that makes use of new technologies in art such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), 3D printing and scanning as well as art on blockchain with the so-called NFTs (non-fungible tokens). You can see all the projects the foundation has supported here.

You can read more about Project Funding and the revised criteria here.