Project Funding

The Nordic Culture Fund awards Project Funding to arts and culture projects that build on and develop collaborative relations across the Nordic region. The next application deadline is 15 February 2023. From 2023 on, the programme will be open to applications via two annual application rounds.

Application deadlines in 2023

  • 15 February 2023, 23:59 (Danish time, UTC+1)
  • 1 September 2023, 23:59 (Danish time, UTC+1)


Response to application: approximately seven weeks after the deadline.


All applications must be submitted via the Fund’s digital application portal, My Page.

What is Project Funding?

In supporting projects, the Fund aims to stimulate the development of the arts and cultural life, and strengthen relations between various players in the Nordic region.


We work with an open and inquisitive approach to the Nordic, and are interested in everything that is under development. Emphasis is placed on the originality of the projects and on cross-border collaborations in the Nordic countries, but we also welcome projects that extend beyond the Nordic region in various ways.

What do we support?

We support projects on various scales in all fields of the arts and culture. Projects may also involve other disciplines.


The Fund supports risk-taking, and we often support the establishment and development phases of new artistic and cultural initiatives and networks. Funding can also be awarded to projects that build upon previous networking or a previously completed project, provided they involve clear development and innovation of the existing projects, and the Fund’s support can be seen to have clear relevance.


Current insight into the Nordic region
The Nordic Culture Fund works to strengthen and broaden knowledge of what is happening and developing on the Nordic scene. Applicants are therefore invited to share with the Fund their perspectives and approaches to the meaning of the Nordic, and to describe how the project in question can contribute to creating meaningful connections and links in the Nordic Region. The Nordic relevance and anchoring may reside in several different layers of the project.


You can also read about what the Nordic Culture Fund does not support, if you scroll further down the page.

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Who can apply?

Cultural players, artists, public and private organisations, associations, etc., regardless of nationality, can apply for Project Funding.

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How much support can be applied for?

You can apply for a maximum amount of DKK 500,000, but it is a good idea to obtain an idea of the typical size of the Nordic Culture Fund’s grants before applying. The project must have at least 50% co-financing.


The project’s co-financing may include in-kind contributions of volunteer time and other resources.

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What we do not fund

The Nordic Culture Fund provides wide-ranging support, but there are some limitations.


The Nordic Culture Fund does not provide support for:

  • Projects that do not have a clear link to the artistic/cultural field, such as sports events.
  • Individual projects, working scholarships, education and study visits.
  • The participation of individuals or groups in events. Only the planners/organisers of such events may seek support for this.
  • Tours and travelling exhibitions, unless these are part of another substantial Nordic co-operation.
  • Operating costs, the basic financing of organisations, and the construction and procurement of technical equipment for operational use.
  • Publishing and production, if this is the primary purpose of the project, e.g. music releases, film and TV production, video game production, web solutions, book publishing and translation.
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Obtain help for your project

Need some inspiration for your project? Here you can read about some projects that have already received support in various cultural fields.

Assessment criteria

Applications are assessed under three main criteria, taking into account the project’s own context:


Artistic/cultural content and ambitions
The Fund assesses the artistic and/or cultural ambitions of the project and its content, methods and implementation plan. Emphasis is placed on innovation and development, including in relation to any previous projects.


Nordic relevance and collaboration in the project
The Fund assesses the anchoring of the project in relevant actors across the Nordic Region and the Nordic cooperation in the project: the project’s significance for the partners involved, and their commitment to it.


The Fund assesses the project’s exploration of various aspects of the Nordic and its impact on the development of the arts and cultural life within the scope of the project. The Nordic dimension must have a greater importance in the project than just cooperation between two Nordic countries: the project must as a minimum have a broader Nordic content or target audience.


Relevant and realistic project economy
The Fund assesses the extent to which the budget is realistic and well worked-out in relation to the content of the project, and the extent to which the collaborative and Nordic ambitions are reflected in the budget. It is a requirement that at least 50% of the budget must come from sources other than the Fund. In total, the project income may consist of a maximum of 85% funding from the official Nordic co-operation (e.g. the Nordic Culture Fund and Nordic Culture Point).



  • A project budget must be uploaded. You are welcome to make use of the Fund’s template to create an informative budget.
  • Income in the budget may consist of both investment from the partners, confirmed or requested external funding, and possibly a calculated value of the services of partners and others, such as volunteer time or other resources made available to the project.
  • The budget must be structured in headings in DKK in the application form.

Project period

  • The project period may run for a maximum period of the year in which the grant is provided and the two subsequent calendar years.
  • The main activities of the project must not commence until the Fund has made its decision and you have received a response.


  • If an application is rejected, the applicant may apply once more for the same project.
  • The Fund accepts only electronic applications, which may be submitted via the Fund’s applications portal. Applications submitted by post or e-mail will not be considered.


  • The Fund’s grants are published on our website and in our annual report.
  • According to the Nordic Culture Fund’s rules on public access to information, a list of applications is in the public domain, but the applications are not.

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