Resan Till Treriksröset Väyläfestivaali2018 (003)

Picture: Väyläfestivaali

Why the project received support

The festival has a great awareness of the connections between geographical locations, the individual artist's connection to these, the actual art expressions that are going to take place on the spot, and how music and literature will meet both local and visiting audiences. Several features of the festival show the will to develop and to be dynamic. For instance, each new festival moves along a new route through the Torne River Valley. Also, the program compiles young and promising artists with reputable, established artists. The artists in the program are of high level. The application reflects well on audience work and planned information channels, and it is a nice ambition to want to facilitate meetings between local and visiting audiences.

Applicant’s project description

Väyläfestivaali is a multi-art cultural festival held in Tornedalen, which is arranged in the middle of summer in Finland, Sweden and Norway. In the program for Väyläfestivaali 2019 there will be authors from the region representing various language groups, organ music from the time when the churches (where the event is held) were built, folk song and classical music inspired by nature.

Väyläfestivaali originated from a desire to create an art event that brought together the many cultural traditions of Tornedalen and various art fields. The central goal was to lower the cultural thresholds between Finland, Sweden and Norway and to get actors active in different places in the region to have a mutual interaction and at the same time enrich the cultural activities in the Arctic.