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The project received funding because of:
The theme and structure of the project are new-thinking and original. The project contributes positively to local cultures and connects humane culture to environmental discourses by investigating connections between people, species and places. The project works with Nordic themes and collaborations at a high level.

The applicant wrote about the project:
The project works towards an exhibition that is planned to be presented at the festival
Festpillene i Nord-Norge. It will combine different art forms from sounds and images to performances. The thematic starting point is how different species are co-existing in the world and the symbiotic and complex relationship between these species and people. 

The project seeks to build bridges and to show and illustrate unexpected connections through exploration. The goal is also to arouse curiosity and care for all types of existence. With the exhibition and its tentacles, the project wants to address the specific living conditions in the northern parts of the Nordic region.

The collaboration between the three partner organisations aims to help forge closer ties with each other and, with this exhibition programme, contribute with art experiences for a broader and larger audience as well as other arts and cultural actors in the region. Especially during the global pandemic, it has become essential to share knowledge and experiences across different geographical contexts with the similar living condition.