O2018.0417 BLITZ PROJECT Photo By Mads Find

Photo: Mads Find

The project received funding because of

The Nordic Culture Fund recognises the mutable and fluctuating status of contemporary circus and, therefore, it sees the project to be highly important. This will contribute to establishing the art form in the Nordic Region.

About the project

BLITZ PROJECT aims to develop and establish contemporary circus as an art form in the Nordic region. The project enables young newly graduated circus artists to develop own artistic work by giving support in the administration and by creating a network for tour activities. BLITZ PROJECT will prove young artists deeper knowledge and tools for more individual artistic work. In a greater perspective, the project wants to contribute to the development of contemporary circus into a more established form of art.

The collaborators of the project identify the mutable and varying status of contemporary circus in the Nordic Region. Although there are professional and academic educations in Denmark, Sweden and Finland, the collaborators think that newly graduated artists only participate in making productions instead for creating something new and artistic.

The project aims to establish the artistic status of contemporary circus in the Nordics. It wants to harness the potential and talent that is not utilised today. By developing a more consistent network in the Nordic region, the project does not only support young artists but, also, it will strengthen and establish the art form itself.

The Opstart funding will prove the collaborators more stable work for preparing a showcase for the project. This presentation of the project takes place at the event SUBCASE in Stockholm. The aims for this is to develop the existing collaborations and, besides, to create new ones.

BLITZ PROJECT is a collaboration between Sputnik and Wild Wonders (SE/DK).