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Photo credit: Daniella Shreir

Why the project received support

The project aims to increase the focus on women who work with films in the Nordic countries, not least women who may be slipping out of the collective memory. Since it still mostly remains to be male filmmakers who gets a lot of public attention, it is of high value to focus on women in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, who work with film and television. The form with short filmed interviews, which will later be included in a book anthology, is well-chosen and can give a global audience of both women and men, and a greater knowledge of the selected female filmmakers.

Applicant’s project description

With 'Nordic Women in Film', we want to create a separate 'Conversations with Nordic Women in Film' category, filming interviews with women in Sweden, Denmark, Norway & Finland. To re-invoke worldwide interest in filmmakers who were once popular in some parts of the film scene and are no longer working, and to alert a new audience about contemporary women-made Nordic cinema. The second part of our project is a non-online exhibition: we're working with two cinemas in London to show the work of the women we'll interview and want to fly them over for talks / Q&As where possible. With the loss of many great women filmmakers worldwide in the last few years, and given the fact that women generally gain (re)acclaim much later in their lives than men, we have realized how important it is to have archive and exhibit women's work while they're still alive.