Total International Lokal KRISTIAN

Photo: Andreas Bergmann Steen

About the project:
How can one solve, as an internationally producing artist, the dilemma that one's own way of working has become ecologically untenable? How can we dance together, staying in different places on earth?

The piece is a distance-specific performance dedicated to The Death of The Global Artist; an end to the Global Artist as the ultimate model of global consumption. It takes place simultaneously in two international venues while creating a single performance using online means (Sound only). It connects the international artists and audiences through performance-making practices that mitigate the distance and propose alternative modes of collaborating across geographical distances.

The main issue of the performance is a wish to change the modalities of international performance collaborations and make this artistically productive. Questions of ecological sustainability are the core of the work, and we want to develop them with new venues far away. These core questions are deeply bound to colonial and economical aspects as well. 

Relevance for Globus Opstart:
The project is artistically strong and it focuses on a central issue in the global field of performing arts. It has an interesting and fresh perspective on working globally in distance by connecting two places only via sound.