THIS MANTLED Chairweave Small Copy

Photo: Jonas Isfält
Work by Nathalie Wuerth og Anamaya Farthing-Kohl

About the project:
In Swedish, skäl is the cross created by the warp and the weft while weaving, but also the weighing process in decision making. The collaboration as a form of skäl. Over the next year, we are interested in expanding our personal definition of skäl while making a billboard-sized weaving, but also in working with other people, both in workshops and the creation of a publication.

Relevance for Globus Opstart:
The project is a great example of developing practice and reciprocity. The new collaboration takes its starting point in a fine double meaning in the concept of SKÄL. It is a place where the thread and the purification in a vein cross each other. It also means in Swedish a place where it is necessary to make a decision. The project links these meanings to BLM and intersectional/feminist theory.