About the project:
How can art build bridges between disciplines? How can artistic practice help address the complex challenges of a world in a climate crisis? How do we make science relevant in cultural life for both human and non-human stakeholders? 

The project invites two perspectives from two different locations to investigate the sign of marine imbalances using seaweed as an artistic material to learn empathy with non-human stakeholders.

The collaboration between designers Julia Lohmann and Talisa Dwiyani aims to share the Nordic awareness and knowledge on using the natural phenomena as part of the material exploration process and to be tailored for the local Indonesian seaweed in the Java coastal area.

Relevance for Globus Opstart:
An exciting project in that it’s connecting the Northern and Southern parts of the globe through a material that is found in both places, and also by challenging materials used in an ancient puppetry tradition in an Indonesian context.