Why the project received support

de:LUX got funding to produce a series of events designed by, among others, animators, artists, designers and musicians. The project breaks with traditional criteria for art and culture projects and blends different expressions of art, entertainment and the experience industry. The project combines experimental light and sound projects with broad public events in urban environments. Installations of this kind have interested artists since early modernism. But it is only today that it is technically possible to carry out large-scale image, light and sound installations in outdoor environments within reasonable budget limits. de:LUX represents a broad group of new art and cultural practitioners who use the urban spaces as their arena. The projects that de: LUX want to implement are relevant to the development and renewal of media-based art and culture in the Nordic region, not least based on public aspects.

Applicant’s project description

de:LUX is realized by a network of commissioning light festivals through a series of non-competitive collaborative creative events where experienced visual and sonic artists are partnered up to deliver a time-bound light and sound installation challenge over 48 hours. Each event draws on the heritage and architecture of our host towns and cities, resulting in a projection and light art trail through a building, a city center or series of unique locations. Alongside young artists and producers are invited into masterclasses and production development workshops to ensure new skills are embedded in the places where we work nurturing the next generation of talent. Similarly, the organizing partners are supported to undertake cultural leadership development and network strengthening activities through both formal training and shadowing at one another’s events, as well as study visits to international peers further promoting the network and membership, and developing export opportunities both cultural and commercial.