The Nordic Culture Fund works to support an innovative and dynamic artistic and cultural scene in the Nordic Region, one that is diverse, accessible and of high quality.

The Nordic Culture Fund has launched a three-year music initiative for the period 2017–19, which will act as a springboard for the creation of a Nordic music network. It will also seek to bring musical experiences of high artistic quality to a wider Nordic public. The funding is for promoters as curators, as points of contact between artists and new audiences. The Fund has for many years worked to identify and describe the current challenges and the potential associated with the development of live music at Nordic level. The Culture Fund developed puls along with national funding bodies and national live music organisations, as well in dialogue with music export agencies and with promoters in the Nordic countries.

Live music as springboard for a stronger Nordic music market

The Nordic market has great but untapped potential for recorded music, live music and jobs. Together, the Nordic countries are the 12th largest economy in the world, and there are several similarities between them, in terms of the arts, social structures and cultural consumption. In an era of digital streaming, live gigs are increasingly essential to a thriving music scene. Live music is a world of unique experiences. This is where the market is really changing, which makes it paradoxical that Nordic artists rarely perform in other countries in the Region. People have only limited knowledge of music in the neighbouring countries, and artists need an international hit to make a breakthrough that resonates throughout the Region. The Culture Fund wants to change all that, and the puls programme has been designed with that purpose in mind.

puls is designed to help live music transcend boundaries, including national borders and narrow genre boundaries, to support new bands, up-and-coming talent and new trendsetters, and to act as a counterweight to the purely commercial approach – which, although important and vital for growth in the music industry, has a tendency to dominate the scene unless new, less immediately commercial music is also supported.

The Culture Fund developed puls along with national funding bodies, national live music organisations and music export agencies, and in dialogue with promoters. The Fund believes that there is a fundamental need to promote greater inter-Nordic mobility in live music and to work together and coordinate more closely.

The purpose of puls and three initiatives
puls aims to:

  • facilitate and improve relationships between Nordic artists and promoters (venues and festivals)
  • develop the work of concert promoters by forging Nordic networks
  • stimulate artistic renewal and make high-quality music available to more people in the Nordic Region
  • enhance quality and stimulate innovation in communications in order to generate a greater sense of cohesion and identity among audiences, artists and promoters.

Support for concert promoters: puls
is a standalone three-year funding programme. The funding is for promoters as curators, as points of contact between artists and new audiences. In 2017, the Fund will allocate DKK 3.5 million to around 35 promoters. puls is financed by the Nordic Cultural Fund, the Nordic Council of Ministers for Culture, The Finnish Music Foundation and The Danish Arts Foundation. Read more here.

Local support: The Nordic Culture Fund will work with other stakeholders to establish resources that will further underpin puls, e.g. via private foundations or national funding schemes that pursue Nordic objectives.

Network: The Nordic Culture Fund will also work with relevant stakeholders to facilitate improvements to venues and set up networks to debate issues related to live music in the Nordic Region, devise joint solutions and arrange events at which audiences encounter Nordic music. This will include network meetings with selected Nordic promoters, the aims of which are to exchange information and experiences, set up new networks and discuss topical issues concerning live music and the grooming of talent in the Region.