Partnership projects

As part of the 2019-2025 strategy, the Nordic Culture Fund is working on a new type of strategic partnerships and development projects which lie beyond the scope our other funding programs. You can read more about the work and the current cooperation projects here.

Partnerships lead to new knowledge and long-term commitment

Since 2020, the Nordic Culture Fund has partnered with a number of actors and organizations on development projects and initiatives that can contribute to new knowledge about the artistic and cultural field and stimulate policy development in various areas.


Through projects on themes such as sustainable development for cultural institutions and arts intervention with health, we are helping to bring arts and culture into new conversations and achieving a new and long-term commitment to Nordic cultural co-operation.


Our work with partnerships builds on our efforts through many years in networking and cultural policy development at a Nordic level. As a Nordic fund, anchored in both the political system and the arts and cultural field, we have the opportunity to take an active role as facilitator and ensure a flexible framework for developing and exploring initiatives that contribute to a mutual understanding of the role of arts and culture in the development of our societies.


Under current collaborations, you can, among others, read about the following projects:

Cooperation with the Bikuben Foundation on development programs for cultural institutions
In cooperation with the Bikuben Foundation, we have created a development program for cultural institutions to help them realize their potential. The aim is to create new opportunities and ensure the sustainable development of arts institutions by, among other initiatives, strengthening the institutions' insight into and overview of their own business strategy, identifying and developing a number of concrete development activities that address the institutions' potentials and needs for development.  

Arts & Health Collective - Working with WHO
The project brings together academics, artists, cultural institutions, health professionals and policy makers from several countries to explore effective and sustainable strategies to integrate arts and culture broadly into the health sector.

Critical Voices - Collaboration with UNESCO
The project seeks to strengthen dialogue on the diversity of cultural expressions and the diverse role of cultural policies in the world. 

Development support

For partnership projects, the Fund may award strategic development grants. This support may be awarded to projects characterized by an experimental development of themes or to organizations relevant to the Fund's strategy and thematic support programs.

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Principle for development grants

In recent years, the Nordic Culture Fund has worked towards a clearer and more targeted approach to the allocation of funding. By differentiating our support, we ensure that the Fund's grants can have both a broad and a deep impact.


As part of broadening the circle of key stakeholders in Nordic cultural co-operation and supporting the Fund's strategic efforts, the Fund can award development grants to new Nordic partnerships. The Development Grant is a new form of funding for strategic collaborations and development projects which are not within the scope of the Fund's other support programs.


We have established the following principles to guide the Fund's work and allocation of development grants:


  • Development grants will be awarded to projects characterized by the experimental development of themes relevant to the Fund’s strategy or the development of the Fund’s thematic initiatives.
  • Development funding is awarded to projects that are developed as closer collaborations, so that the partners, including the Nordic Culture Fund, can follow the projects over a delimited period of time and acquire unique and relevant knowledge.
  • Within the framework of development grants, both short-term and longer general agreements, can be made with partners who work to develop relevant themes or focus areas within the Nordic Culture Fund's strategy and which support the Fund's objectives.
  • Applications for development grants are not possible. The selection of projects, e.g. partnerships, to receive development funding is based on the Fund's external dialogue and networking. The Fund's resources are distributed and monitored in accordance with the rules of project grants from the Nordic Culture Fund.