Nordic Network

The Nordic Culture Fund has a network of partners in the Nordic countries.

You can contact our partners to learn more about Nordic co-operation and how to apply for funding from the Nordic Culture Fund. They can also help you with project development. Our partners hold occasional workshops on how to apply for project funding from the Nordic Culture Fund and other Nordic bodies.

Nordic Culture Point

Nordic Culture Point is a Nordic Council of Ministers body and it has three primary functions. It acts as a secretariat for four Nordic grant programmes which are conducted within the framework of the Nordic Council of Ministers: the Culture and Arts Programme, the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture, Volt, and NORDBUK. It runs a cultural centre and library in the centre of Helsinki, spreading knowledge of and stimulating interest in Nordic culture and languages in Finland. It also raises the profile of Nordic cultural cooperation internationally.

Two Nordic houses

Nordic House in Reykjavik is a culture and knowledge centre and a creative meeting place that serves as a link between Iceland and the other Nordic countries.

Nordic House in the Faroe Islands promotes cultural life in the Islands and creates reciprocal relationships between culture, both in the Islands and in the Nordic Region in general.

Two Nordic institutes

The Nordic Institute of Greenland (NAPA) supports and contributes to the development of Greenland’s cultural life, with a particular focus on children and youth culture in Greenland, and Greenland’s culture in the rest of the Nordic Region.

The Nordic Institute in Åland (NIPÅ) supports culture in Åland, promotes Åland’s active participation in Nordic co-operation and develops general cultural co-operation between Åland and the other countries.