Craftrituals 02 NATT 900X518px 300Dpi ©Aia Jüdes, Sanna Haverinen, Dennis Vera

Photo: Aia Jüdes / Sanna Haverinen / Dennis Vera

‘Craft Rituals’ is an experimental multi-art work that moves on the borderland between the tactile, analogue and digital. The exhibition is inspired by Nordic mythology and unfolds a hyper-visual narrative about e.g. wool, women's power, durability and craftsmanship as superpowers. It is a story of exploiting and appreciating the resources that are around us to ensure a sustainable future.

‘Craft Rituals’ is created by artist Aia Jüdes, who was also behind the awarded exhibition ‘Next Level Craft’.

The director of the Nordic Culture Fund, Benny Marcel, says:

The exhibition ‘Craft Rituals’, directed by Aija Jüdes, is a holistic experience and no less than a celebration of the diversity of artistic craftsmanship. It is a unique way of telling the story of a new aesthetic under a unique starry sky in which handicraft has the leading role. The exhibition is highly international, multidisciplinary, avant-garde and world-class. It has a sound and movement that resonates and makes us all digg HANDMADE! 

‘Craft Rituals’ is a Nordic project with participants and influences from Sweden, Finland and Iceland. The exhibition is produced in collaboration with Texstilmuseet and with support from the Nordic Culture Fund, Västra Götalandsregionen, the Swedish Arts Council, and the City of Stockholm.

You can read more about the exhibition on Textilmuseet’s website.