The Nordic Cultural Fund is closely monitoring the development of the corona virus outbreak in the world and the initiatives that have been implemented in the various Nordic countries to help the cultural sector get through the crisis. We have been in contact with many of our grant recipients, and we will continue to show flexibility towards all project changes caused by the situation.

The Fund is working to ensure that our criteria remain up to date and can support the development and renewal of art and cultural life under the altered circumstances. In a time of upheaval, art can act as a focal point that opens up and creates connections. It can cause us to reflect on the world we live in, and to view ourselves and our role in the world in a new way. The Fund supports projects that work across borders, and this presents special challenges – and perhaps also opportunities – in a time when the borders are physically closed.

Next application deadline for Project Funding
The Fund is continuing to receive and process applications during the corona outbreak. The next deadline for applications for project funding is 4 May 2020, and replies will be sent out approximately seven weeks after the deadline.

The corona virus restrictions have, as mentioned, limited the possibilities for collaboration and the dissemination of projects across borders. We therefore welcome applications for projects that work with digital and other alternative solutions instead of physical meetings and activities. As previously, we are open to various perspectives on and interpretations of the Nordic aspects in the projects, and are glad to see that Nordic relevance can be expressed and included in the projects in various ways.

As there is still uncertainty about the duration of the restrictions in many countries, the Fund will continue to show flexibility in relation to changes in the content and schedules of the projects after the application date. According to the criteria, the projects must take place no later than two calendar years after the allocation of the grant, which allows for long-term and cautious planning of the activities. As always, it will be possible to extend the projects beyond the two years if this proves necessary.

You can read more about Project Funding here.

Adjustments in the Opstart criteria
Opstart is the investment of the Nordic Culture Fund in the initial phases of new art and culture projects, designed to strengthen the Nordic ambitions of the projects. Opstart supports the joint development of promising project ideas.

Opstart funding is typically applied for to cover travel and subsistence expenses in connection with meetings held in the Nordic countries. Due to the Covid-19 situation, the Fund will be able to support other costs, such as fees, materials or other things needed to complete the project, to a greater extent in 2020. This means that fees may amount to a maximum of DKK 20,000 of the project’s expenses up to 31 August 2020. Thereafter, fees may comprise a maximum of one-third of the total cost of the project.

You can apply for a maximum of DKK 25,000 in Opstart funding, and you will receive a reply to your application within 20 working days. Project activities may commence after you receive a response from us, i.e. at least 20 working days from the time of submitting the application. The project must usually be completed within one year of the project start date. However, due to the Covid-19 situation, this does not apply to projects for which funding has been applied for in 2020.

You can read more about Opstart funding here.