At this year's UN conference on press freedom, held from 2 to 5 May, the report ‘Critical Voices’ was presented to the around thousand professionals and specialists that were gathered to discuss the current conditions of freedom of expression. 

The report, which is part of the Nordic Culture Fund's current collaboration with UNESCO's Danish National Commission and Delegation in Paris under the fund’s initiative Globus, analyses and maps UNESCO's abilities to defend and support artists, journalists and researchers’ right to express themselves freely. A topic, which has only become more urgent since the pandemic outbreak, states the report, as the pandemic has caused the fundamental rights in a number of countries to be put under pressure.

At the conference, the report's findings were presented and discussed at a workshop centered around the report's key recommendations. Participants at the workshop were UN units, human rights organizations, states and representatives from the three professions of journalists, artists and researchers. The workshop also included a broad representation from the Global South, which the Nordic Culture Fund helped to secure through travel grants to journalists, artists and researchers from Nicaragua, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.  

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