ANORDIC Backgrounds11

The Nordic Culture Fund's new anthology "Reflections - art culture politic society" is presented at the book fair by the anthology's editor Gunilla Kindstrand and Ove Kaj Pedersen, who is professor emeritus of comparative political economy and one of the contributors in the book. The recent development of cultural policy in the Nordic countries will be the focal point for the conversation, which will take place on Thursday 23 September at 15.55-16.10.

On the same day it will also be possible to attend a presentation of the Nordic partnership project, which the foundation launched last year. The initiative, which now goes by the name a/nordi/c, operates in between the many cultural actors and will function as a new voice of the art and cultural policy in the Nordic region. Participators in the seminar are Eline Sigfusson, Deputy Director of the Nordic Culture Fund, Leif Jakobsson, International Cultural Consultant and former director, and Eva Bergquist, head of the cultural administration in the Stockholm Region. The seminar is moderated by Gunilla Kindstrand.

The largest book fair in the Nordic region will this year be held as a hybrid event in Gothenburg on 23-26 September. This makes it possible to experience the fair both physically and digitally. You have the opportunity to buy tickets for both formats here.