Eline Sigfusson, deputy director of the Nordic Culture Fund and project manager of Globus, will give a presentation on Globus during the workshop. 

At the workshop, Nordic UNESCO colleagues are invited to discuss the situation of freedom of expression for artists, journalists and scientific researchers. Discussions will be based on the findings of the draft Report “Critical Voices – UNESCO’s Instruments in Defence of Freedom of Expression of Artists, Journalists and Scientific Researchers”. The report examines freedom of expression for the three professional groups in the light of the covid-19 pandemic.

The report is part of a current pilot project within the fund’s programme Globus. In addition to the Nordic Culture Fund, the project collaboration includes UNESCO’s Danish National Commission and its delegation in Paris.

The project aims to create a Nordic alliance that will bring together experts from selected Nordic institutions. Using UNESCO’s tools, the network will focus on rights perspectives and develop a new narrative on the right to think, produce and communicate artistically, creatively and freely. This applies to maintaining freedom of expression in a broad sense in a Nordic context, but at least as much to ensuring that socially critical voices among artists, cultural actors, researchers and communicators worldwide are not deprived of the opportunity to express themselves.

You can read more about the pilot project here.

The workshop will be held in Ålesund on 21 September.