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The fund's strategy for 2019–2022 was adopted at the end of 2018. The results from the last 2,5 years show that we are moving in the right direction and that the fund’s initiatives have gained new relevance in the time of the corona pandemic.

Jorodd Asphjell, Chairman of the Nordic Culture Fund’s board, says:
With the board's decision to expand and clarify the strategy, we take an important step further into the future and emphasise that artistic and cultural cooperation is an important key for the future. Unfortunately, we can see that cultural cooperation within official Nordic cooperation has not been prioritised. At the same time, the Nordic countries are clearly working for a cultural life that can survive and be restarted after the corona pandemic. In this light, we see it essential to clarify and adapt the fund's strategy to be further developed with the experiences we have gained so far and work so that even more actors can get involved in Nordic cultural co-operation in the future.

The updated strategy preserves the fund's three overall objectives, each of which functions as a catalyst for the development of art and culture as a focal point in the Nordic region:

  1. The Nordic Culture Fund will promote the production, innovation and communication of arts and culture in the Nordic region and globally.
  2. The Nordic Culture Fund will promote artistic and cultural networks at all levels within the Nordic cultural co-operation.
  3. The Nordic Culture Fund will develop and communicate knowledge of arts and cultural life in order to stimulate the development of cultural policy in the Nordic region.

The objectives are supported by four cross-cutting strategic initiatives, which have now been clarified and concretised on the basis of recent years' experience, to ensure an even more integrated approach to the work of funding, development of knowledge and stimulation of cultural policies.

In the coming period, the fund will work to achieve a more long-term focus on funding and broader financing of projects by distributing strategic grants for development. The fund will also work with new collaborations with other foundations. The strategy also clarifies the direction for the continuing work with the thematic initiative Globus. The strategy contributes to systematising the knowledge work and the development of cultural policies with a formalisation of the Nordic partnership project and further anchoring the fund's anthology.

Read the strategy here.