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We have assessed that the corona situation actualizes and underlines the importance of the Puls initiative. To support the concert promoters’ continued commitment to working with Nordic artists even after the time with COVID-19, the fund's board has decided on its meeting 26 November 2020 to extend the program so that the Puls promoters can receive support for Nordic concert activities in the period August 2021 to July 2022.

A new analysis based on the received Puls applications shows the relevance of continuing to support live music

We have recently conducted an analysis on how the pandemic has affected the work of the Puls promoters. It shows that nearly all Puls promoters have experienced cancellations or large reductions in their concert capacity, and there is no guarantee that circumstances will change for the time being.

In the applications, the Puls promoters also describe the importance of being met by the Nordic Culture Fund with trust, flexibility and financial support. These are crucial prerequisites that act as a kind of safety net for the promoters. 

The applications offer many suggestions on how concerts can still take place in corona times. But despite many creative and constructive solutions, the promoters have found it challenging to balance between preserving the quality and experience of the live concert and the need to think new and following the restrictions.

The promoters express a clear demand for a greater exchange of knowledge and learnings in the live music sector. The Nordic Culture Fund hopes that the Puls network and funding can show new ways forward and support the ambitions on strengthened dialogue within the sector.

Find the analysis as a whole here (in Danish)