The new strategy gives us a new opportunity to work more focused and targeted over a longer time frame. Behind the strategy lies a number of analyzes of the Fund in relation to its surroundings and the rest of the world. The strategy describes how art and culture form one of the cornerstones of the Nordic Region’s extensive co-operation, and how art and culture help to give the Nordic region an ever-increasing significance in relation to the rest of the world.

The strategy has three overall objectives regarding both the production of art and culture with Nordic relevance and the promotion of networks and stimulation of the cultural policy discussions:

  1. The Nordic Culture Fund will promote the production, innovation and communication of arts and culture in the Nordic region and globally.
  2. The Nordic Culture Fund will promote artistic and cultural networks at all levels within the Nordic cultural co-operation.
  3. The Nordic Culture Fund will develop and communicate knowledge of arts and cultural life in order to stimulate the development of cultural policy in the Nordic region.

The Fund can be regarded as a public player with independent funds, the distribution of which does not derive from directly politically-controlled decisions. This position has become even more important in our own day, and must form the starting-point for the future work of the Fund. Through this strategy, we aim to ensure that culture can be without borders and open to encounters – so that all Nordic citizens, both new and established, can enjoy the same right to participate in cultural civil society, and so that Nordic relevance can be enhanced and renewed, with a global focus in mind.

Five cross-cutting strategic initiatives
On the basis of the overall objectives, we have formulated five cross-cutting strategic initiatives, each of which supports the overall objectives, thereby setting the direction for the Fund’s work in the coming period. The five initiatives are:

Developed differentiated grant allocation
We are working to develop our following-up on the support provided, to allow more knowledge of artistic and cultural life to be collected, thereby ensuring a relevant approach to funding opportunities and a balance in relation to the development of targeted thematic initiatives.

Enhanced global focus
We will contribute to global efforts at all levels. The goal of sustainable development is becoming increasingly relevant to arts and culture, and demands, for example, increased accountability, less inequality, and the promotion of quality at all levels. In the Nordic region we have an opportunity to take the lead in the development of deep and long-term networks which are distinguished by being borderless and global. The Nordic Culture Fund will take on a new role to support this development.

Strengthened network formation
Networking, knowledge-sharing and mutual inspiration are essential to ensure that the work of the Fund is anchored in art and culture in the Nordic region. Besides supporting the formation of long-term relations through financial support, we will work proactively to promote and participate in networks, e.g. in specific sectors and at regional, national and international level.

Strengthened knowledge dissemination
We will take on a role as an active communicator of knowledge and create new possibilities and structures to collect and convey knowledge about the field of arts and culture on a Nordic level.

New contexts for cultural policy development
We will create new contexts for conversations and knowledge-sharing, and anchor its efforts at either national or Nordic level. For the Fund, it is also a question of how we at the Nordic level can create more knowledge about and synergy between cultural policy, cultural leadership and practice in arts and culture.