Photo: Kristian Pohl/Regeringskansliet, Nicolina Arcini

Folk och Kultur 2021 aims to open up for a broader conversation on the importance of art and culture in the development of both democracy and society. This year's convention will focus on the future by looking into the role of cultural policy and the impact of the corona crisis on the society.

Benny Marcel, the director of the Nordic Culture Fund, will lead discussions focusing on national cultural policies on Friday 12 February. Discussions with the Swedish Minister of Culture and Democracy Amanda Lind and members of the Committee on Cultural Affairs, will focus on the current state of cultural policy and the future of the artistic and cultural field. The themes and topics from these conversations will be afterwards discussed by Marcel together with the journalist Kerstin Brunnberg.

Photo: Sveriges Riksdag, Nikolina Arcini

Discussion with Nordic directors, at 9.15 am
A session with the directors of the national and Nordic funding bodies from different Nordic countries will focus on the role of art and culture as a driving force for sustainable development in the Nordic region.

Conversation with the members of the Swedish Committee on Cultural Affair, at 9.35 am
The cultural spokespersons from every political party will define and reflect on what national cultural policy means to them and their party. We ask how the members aim to contribute to the development of national cultural policies in the future.

Conversation with the Swedish Minister of Culture and Democracy Amanda Lind, at 10.10 am
We will meet the Minister of Culture and Democracy Amanda Lind, who tells us what national cultural policies mean to her and how she will contribute to the future of the cultural field. She will share her insights and thoughts on current topics within the national cultural politics.

To be able to follow the program at Folk och Kultur 2021, you must create an account on the convention's digital platform here. You can watch all content free of charge until 19 February.