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The new portal and the new forms will facilitate the application process for the Fund’s support programmes, and make it easier to request payments and submit reports in connection with supported projects.

If you have a project that is receiving active support from the Fund, your user profile on the current My Page and the associated project and payment information will be automatically transferred to the new portal. Draft new applications and inactive applications will be deleted.

In the new system, all grant recipients must take account of the following:

  • Everyone must submit a payment request with payment information through My Page when funding is desired to be paid out. This also applies to Opstart support.
  • In connection with all payment requests, the grant recipient must attach account documentation from the bank confirming that the account into which the funding is to be paid to belongs to the grant recipient.

A bank verification letter is a document issued by the grant recipients bank. The letter confirms that the stated account belongs to the grant recipient and contains information such as:

  • The recipient’s name, address, person/organization number and bank account
  • The bank’s name, address and person/organization number
  • Contact person at the bank if we need to get in contact with the bank
  • Issuing date
  • The letter must be signed or stamped by the bank and should be sent as a PDF
  • It must be written in English or Scandinavian. 

Upload a standard model for the letter here. You can either use this document or ask for one from your bank.