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The fund has allocated a total amount of DKK 4 million, which goes to Puls concerts and an additional support, which will give the concert promoters the opportunity to continue their Nordic concert activities and further anchor the collaboration in the Puls network after the last funding period.

“The Fund’s programme Puls has contributed to strengthen and maintain the Nordic live music scene which has been highly affected by the pandemic. From the beginning of Puls in 2017 until now, we can see that Puls has taken root, and that the network in the last few years has led to some very interesting and innovative collaborations that can continue long into the future.” says Søren Merrild Staun, Senior Advisor in Nordic Culture Fund and Project Manager of Puls.

The fund supports the Puls promoters' participation in the annual Puls network meeting, which will be held this time in Reykjavik on 3 November 2021. The meeting is arranged in collaboration with the Nordic Culture Fund, Reykjavik Music City and the Puls concert promoters Iceland Airwaves and Nordens Hus in Reykjavik. The meeting will focus on live music after the pandemic, exchange of experience and networking.

“The strength of the diverse composition of partners is that we can work with professional scenes and organizers on booking collaborations through Puls, while we can activate new actors to be a part of the Puls activities and create a new network with our different partners. through our involvement in Puls we get a very broad profile and involve a broad representation of the live music scene in Denmark and the other Nordic countries. says Michael Falk Marin, Managing Director of the venue HUSET in Aalborg (DK) and Puls promoter. 

In 2017-2021, Puls has distributed a total of DKK 20.5 million to venues and festivals throughout the Nordic region. In Puls' last period, there will be a focus on gathering and exchanging knowledge and experiences to ensure a relevant and long-term anchoring of achieved results. The closing network meeting in the fall of 2022 will mark the ending of the funding programme.