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Globus Opstart is a funding programme within the fund's Globus initiative. The overall initiative contains, besides Globus Opstart, partnership projects with global actors and a new funding programme, which will be launched during Spring 2022.

In the first year of the Globus programme, the Fund has implemented specific pilot projects and entered into unique partnerships with actors in and outside the Nordic region. Through this, we have gathered knowledge and experience that now forms the basis for the changes in the Globus Opstart criteria and the next step in establishing the programme.

DKK 1,335,000 was awarded in Globus Opstart funding in 2021. Recently funded projects include a hands-on research project and collaboration with the name 'SKÄL / ɧɛːl / for weaving', which is based on an intersectional feminist approach, and the project 'ROTULAMA', a collaboration between Finland and Mexico, which focuses on giving small shops new life in the midst of gentrification.

You can apply for Globus Opstart from 11 January - 11 June 2022.

You can read the new Globus Opstart criteria here.