The meeting is meant to act as a think tank, with a view to building a network between strategic culture funds and foundations in the Nordic region.

The purpose of the network is to provide a boost to the individual funds, to help them promote strategies, programmes and projects in order to benefit purposes at a broader scale at Nordic and international levels. The network will also provide concrete opportunities for knowledge sharing and analysis.

The meeting is organised in collaboration with the Nordic House in the Faroe Islands.

Background for the meeting 

The Nordic Region has a population of 27 million, is the size of the seventh largest nation in the world, and its combined economy is the 12th biggest in the world. Culture and art have long been cornerstones of the wide-ranging co-operation between the Nordic countries and are now helping to make the Region increasingly important in relation to the rest of the world.

Structures and patterns of behavior that have guided us for generations have been turned upside down by big changes. We need to look at, understand and talk about society and the Nordic Region in new ways. Art and culture have an opportunity to lead the way in building borderless and global networks that will help us understand and develop our welfare society. Private culture funds and foundations have an increasingly important role to play in this work.

We see many similarities, as well as differences, between funds in the different Nordic countries. The many rules, statutes and decisions can be confusing and impenetrable. To compound matters, the individual funds often also have to navigate and prioritize within a limited area and formulate what they have to offer and what value they add in precisely that area.

We have chosen to hold the meeting in the Faroe Islands to provide an opportunity for those of us from other countries to get away from our own centres and find out how a smaller country deals with major geopolitical changes.