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Arctic Arts Summit 2019 in Rovaniemi continues the series of Arctic Arts Summits started in Harstad, Norway in 2017. The main objective of the summit is to strengthen the arts and culture in the north and underline the role of circumpolar cooperation. The event will gather artists and representatives of art and cultural policy from the Arctic region and other countries that show interest towards the Arctic matters. The theme of the 3-day summit is “The Arctic as a Laboratory for sustainable art and cultural policy”. 

On day 1, the fund will participate at a meeting for Arts Councils/Art promotion institutions to discuss ways to respond to the needs of supporting art and culture in the future. On the following day, the fund will be a part of a panel discussion which aims to offer new insights on promoting sustainability in supporting art and culture collaborations in the circumpolar area. On day 3, the fund will present some of the supported HANDMADE projects as a part of the session Art in the Arctic or the Arctic in the Art together with Norwegian Crafts and Lapland University.

All organizations and individuals operating in the field of arts, culture, and cultural politics that have a special interest in local initiatives, region development, arts management, and the development of art networks worldwide are welcome to register for the summit. More information about the summit, programme and registration can be found here.

The University of Lapland is the lead organization for the arrangement of the Arctic Arts Summit 2019.