The new criteria are designed to ensure that the Fund’s support continues to contribute to the possibilities for artists and cultural players to produce and communicate art and cultural expressions that create Nordic relevance in both Nordic and global contexts.

In future, the applications will be evaluated according to the following three criteria:

  • Project quality
  • Nordic relevance
  • Finance

The first criterion, Project quality, refers both to artistic and cultural quality, as well as to the form and method of the project.

The next criterion, Nordic relevance, signifies that the projects for which funding is sought must demonstrate and argue for the Nordic relevance of the project. This may be done in several ways. Nordic relevance may for example be found in the quality and substance of the project’s Nordic collaboration, in qualified Nordic target group work, or in the content of the project.

The Finance criterion requires that the project’s economy and financing plan must, as in the past, be included as a central part of the collaboration and the project’s anchoring with its partners.

Projects which take place outside the Nordic region or which are based on previous networking or a previous project are no longer assessed separately, but are included in an overall assessment of how the projects contribute to a renewed and dynamic artistic and cultural life in the Nordic countries – and possibly in global contexts.