New Project Ambassadors

Since 2016 the Nordic Culture Fund has co-operated with experts from the broad field of art and culture to mobilise new actors, shorten the way for applicants to the fund and raise awareness of the fund. The Project Ambassadors form a bridge between the fund and applicants and, furthermore, they contribute to inspire and develop new potential ideas with applicants.

We had a small chat with Randi and Inger Margrethe at the annual project ambassador meeting in Copenhagen a couple of weeks ago to hear more about their expectations regarding the new role. 

Encouraging potential initiatives and projects

Randi Samsonen is based in Tórshavn and works as a teacher in design methodology, textile tools and creative tools at Glasir Tórshavn College. She looks forward to spreading the knowledge about the fund and its programmes:

“I come from a small country with cross-cultural networks and where people are closer to each other than in other countries. In my new role, I want to make the Nordic Culture Fund and its activities more clear and visible.

I see that there could be more initiatives and projects from the Faroe Islands and, therefore, I aim to encourage local actors. Furthermore, I want to lower barriers and to make it simpler for applicants to apply for funding.

Together with the network that we are creating with the Project Ambassadors, my role is to support and encourage potential initiatives and projects”, Randi says.

Emphasising local and global dimensions in Nordic collaborations

Inger Margrethe Stoveland from Norway is the director of Fluks - Centre for Young Art and Culture at the University of Agder. She works with projects that aim to support and develop young artists both on local, national and international levels. She sees a growing need for actors like project ambassadors in the rapidly changing artistic and cultural field in the Nordic region:

“In my new role, I want to emphasise the importance of local dimensions in relation to international and global trends and development. I see that it is important to understand both local and global structures, and how they stimulate and influence each other.

Local activities cannot be isolated from structural changes and development but, instead, they contribute in several ways. The Nordic Culture Fund is part of these structures and, therefore, my role as a Project Ambassador is both to develop practicalities and to make the local more visible”, Inger Margrethe says.

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