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Photo: Sophie Barbasch

Globus responds to the demand in the field
In the autumn of 2020, a cultural analytical research project was carried out at the Nordic Culture Fund. With the project, we wanted to investigate how different artists and cultural actors work with both Nordic and global themes. Furthermore, the project analysed how participants understand and define such concepts as ‘Nordic’, ‘Nordic culture’, ‘globalization’ and ‘the global’.

By conducting ethnographic field studies, the project aimed to provide new knowledge that can help the fund to develop Globus and other funding programmes in the future.

The results of the project show that Globus as a new funding programme contributes to new and varying interpretations of the Nordic region and Nordic culture. The Nordic region is not perceived as an isolated region and there is clear demand for new funding forms that are based on the needs of artists and cultural actors instead of national premises and objectives.

Furthermore, the results suggest that Globus can build bridges between different cultural and professional environments, provide new perspectives on the cultural life in the Arctic region and contribute to new understandings of interactions between local and global spheres. Compared with other funding programmes, Globus and the Nordic Culture Fund's other programs are perceived as more flexible and open for changes. The report also concludes that it is important that the fund continues to include the field of art and culture in the further development of Globus and its other work.

Read more about the research project here (in Swedish)

Apply for Globus Opstart from 1 February
During the autumn of 2020, the fund granted Globus Opstart funding to 24 projects with a total amount of DKK 1,000,000. Due to the high demand, the fund has decided to continue with Globus Opstart in 2021. You can apply for Globus Opstart from 1 February to 11 June 2021.

With Globus Opstart, the fund wants to investigate how artists and cultural practitioners' global collaboration takes place and can be developed between practitioners from the Nordic countries and the rest of the world. Applicants are encouraged to think new in terms of idea, theme and relation to the establishment of networks and collaboration.

You can apply for up to DKK 50,000. Fees may comprise 80% (though no more than DKK 30,000) of the project's total expenses.

As Globus Opstart is part of the development of the fund’s global program, it is important that the applicant shares knowledge and learning with the fund during the project.

In Autumn 2020, the fund supported various projects from the broad field of arts and culture. For example:

  • Pan-African/Nordic Studio is an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural project which aims to develop a new collaborative framework for African and Nordic artists and curators.
  • TOTAL INTERNATIONAL (LOKAL) is a virtual performance concept in which the performers are only connected via sound.
  • A Puppet From A Sea is an artistic research project that will juxtapose the marine socio-ecological context from two perspectives; Finland and Indonesia through artistic practice in a medium of puppet making.
  • Inopiné II - How to is a dance project that aims to strengthen connections between global artists in a challenging time and the local community's artistic work
  • Glomus Glocal is an interdisciplinary and intercultural artistic camp for young artists and art students, that focuses on the global in the local.

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