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Benny Marcel, director of the Nordic Culture Fund, says:
"With Globus, we wish to clarify our role as a fund that creates enhanced cultural exchange and social sustainability through our support for projects and ongoing anchoring work. By providing a new space for the younger generation of artists in particular, we create the foundation for developing a creative region with a diversity of cultural expressions, based on their ideas of innovation, mobility and integration."

Eline Sigfusson, deputy director of the Nordic Culture Fund, says:
"Globus is an ambitious and farsighted programme. This is the first time that our board has introduced a programme that extends over such a long period of time, and it will give the artists and cultural practitioners a serious opportunity to establish the kind of deep and long-lasting networks that we know are the cornerstone of cultural co-operation and artistic development. In a time of borders, Globus is designed to give cultural life a chance to break through both national and psychological barriers, and bring us together in the open and vibrant Nordic region."

A new way of looking at funding
With Globus, we also wish to consider how to provide cultural support in a different way, so unlike the fund's other programmes such as Puls, Handmade and Opstart, there is no criterion for regional co-operation in the programme. On the contrary, we aim to support projects that cannot be implemented in the Nordic region alone. In this way, we intend to create projects that use art and creativity as a catalyst for conversations with the younger generations and the new citizens of the Nordic countries; projects that will help to develop the public space, creating new communities that can rise above the languages and differences that separate us, and causing new things to arise in our common democracy.

Pilot projects in 2020
In its first year, the new programme will be tested in a few selected pilot projects. Here we will obtain concrete project experience which can lead to a more open support programme with diverse approaches. All of our pilot projects aim to embrace and engage with the younger generation of artists, institutions and cultural performers in order to clarify their voices. In these pilot projects, we will work with a number of different partners both inside and outside the Nordic region, which will help to secure a broader financing basis and a long-term focus.

Together with partners in Russia, Canada and the Nordic countries, we will bring together young creative networks in the Arctic, so that they can generate ideas and thereby contribute to creating social sustainability for young people in the Arctic.

Together with talent organisations, we will investigate what is required for young, talented artists to realise their dream projects, on the basis of global collaboration.

We will strengthen the conversation about the Nordic region as a centre of arts and culture, and create a new international network for critical thinking that will support Nordic artists and cultural practitioners on the global stage.

We will conduct democratic projects at street level and explore how artistic mobility can be facilitated within the Nordic region, as a developed region, as well as in other places in the world that do not have the same preconditions. Here, together with UNESCO and others, we will strengthen the dialogue on the diversity of cultural expressions and the diverse role of cultural policy in the world. We see this as central to paving the way for global cultural co-operation both within and outside the Nordic region.

With Globus, we are writing a new chapter in our history. We are making room for global perspectives on our part of the world. We intend to meet the artists where they are, support them with trust and the willingness to take risks, and allow Nordic culture to expand beyond the Nordic countries.