The meeting will focus on two key issues in Nordic cultural policy: the arm's length principle and artistic quality. The participants are artists, cultural institutions, policy institutions, researchers and journalists from different Nordic countries. 

Through artistic approaches the theatre company Fix & Foxy has been hired to stage parts of the conversations to explore and rethink solutions to the dilemmas of art and cultural policy across borders and cultures. This involves, for example, a road trip to a cultural site, where participants meet local artists and cultural operators for a chat about cultural life and the conditions of the arts in the Faroe Islands. 

Based on the conversations, a discussion paper will be prepared and published after the meeting.

The meeting is the first step in an ongoing partnership between central cultural actors in the Nordic region and will result in a series of network meetings to be held in different Nordic countries during the years 2022–2024. The partnership includes Hanaholmen – the Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre, the Nordic House in the Faroe Islands, the Nordic House in Reykjavik, the Nordic Institute in Åland, the Nordic Institute in Greenland, a/nordi/c, and the Nordic Culture Fund.

The partnership aims to create a new type of dialogue and knowledge sharing across the diverse cultural, artistic and political actors, and to create a space for professional discussions on the development of cultural policy in a local/regional, national and Nordic perspective. 

The second meeting of the partnership will take place in November at Hanasaari in Finland. The aim is to organise a meeting at each of the cultural partner institutions.