Ⓒ Hannaholmen

The network meeting 'Curated Conversations' at Hanaholmen is organized by the think tank a/nordi/c, in collaboration with the Nordic Culture Fund and Hanaholmen, as part of a larger partnership that aims to stimulate discussion on how to develop Nordic cultural policy and the framework for the arts today through a series of network meetings.

At the network meeting 35 hand-picked artists, cultural institutions, political institutions, researchers and cultural journalists will discuss the topic of artistic freedom. 

The meeting will focus on two thematic tracks: 'digital ambivalence' and 'censorship and self-censorship'. The first track will focus on the opportunities and constraints that the digital age has brought to the artist and the ways in which the digital can both empower and repress the artist in the era of web 2.0 and web 3.0. The second track will focus on specific cases where artists have been subjected to censorship, but also explore the ways in which artists impose constraints on themselves in order to accommodate and satisfy stakeholders, audiences and commissioners. 

By breaking with the traditional meeting and workshop formats, the network meeting will seek to create new methods for developing arts and cultural policy and stimulate new bases for debate on artistic freedom in the North. The curated conversations will take place in smaller forums, where experimental formats of conversation and debate will take place.  

In addition to Hanaholmen, the Nordic Culture Fund and a/nordi/c, the partnership project consists of the Nordic cultural centres Nordic House in the Faroe Islands, Nordic House in Reykjavik, Nordic Institute in Åland and Nordic Institute in Greenland. The ambition of the project is to arrange one meeting at each of the cultural centres/institutions that are part of the partnership. 

The first network meeting was held in the Faroe Islands in June 2022. You can read more about it here: https://bit.ly/3hucLEB

You can read more about the partnership project on the Foundation's website: https://bit.ly/3DTLZNb