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The Nordic Culture Fund has gathered 33 unique Handmade projects together and published a catalogue which presents the fund's thematic program in 2016-2018. All of the projects contribute in their own way to the development and presentation of the handmade, with a focus on the interdisciplinary, free, experimental, and conceptual.
The Fund will host, together with Norwegian Crafts, several sessions at the Summit around the theme 'Art in the Arctic, Arctic in the Arts' on Wednesday 5 June. The sessions include i.a. presentations from some of the supported Handmade projects and a wide range of discussions exploring the inter-relationship of art and the Arctic.
The Nordic Culture Fund’s Puls program has increased the number of collaborations and networks between concert promoters and venues in the Nordic Region shows a survey by Copenhagen Business School.
The Fund will share gained experience and knowledge about the program HANDMADE and discuss different perspectives on artistic networks and collaborations in the circumpolar area. The summit takes place 3-5 June.
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