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“We are delighted that the range of applicants enabled us to select puls promoters who embrace the full length and breadth of the Nordic music scene. The choice of these 46 promoters means that we are able to support music associations as well as commercial companies involved with a range of genres, as well as a diverse pool of musicians in terms of age and gender. The geographical distribution also means that large numbers of people will get the chance to hear Nordic artists they would probably not have encountered otherwise. All of the promoters have drawn up programmes of exceptional quality, and we hope that the puls concerts will help break down barriers and open new doors for both artists and audiences,” says Benny Marcel, Director of the Nordic Culture Fund.

With puls we have succeeded in reversing the traditional focus on music exports, and instead focused on importing music from other Nordic countries. Puls enjoys national support from the Nordic countries and culture ministers. In 2017, nearly 40% of the funding will come from the Nordic Council of Ministers for Culture, the Danish Arts Foundation in Denmark, Music Foundation Finland and the Finnish Ministry of Culture.

Promoters also clearly back the initiative, with no fewer than 105 from across the Region applying to be puls tour promoters in 2017–2019.

“We received a range of very strong applications, which shows that there is great –and growing – interest in working with Nordic live music. In an era of digital streaming, live gigs are increasingly essential to a thriving music scene. It’s important that we support live music and dare to invest more in cross-border tours and events in the Region. The selection of puls promoters also provides an opportunity to establish a strong network of Nordic music venues, which will open doors for more exciting artists and introduce them to a bigger audience,” says Eline Sigfusson, Senior Advisor to the Nordic Culture Fund.

Each puls promoter has received funding both for staging concerts (308 in total) and for audience development. The money is awarded for one year at a time and covers a specific programme of 5–10 gigs, to be staged between August 2017 and August 2018.

The 46 puls promoters are spread across the following countries:

Denmark 16, Finland 11, Faroe Islands 4, Iceland 1, Norway 4; Sweden 8.

For further information, please contact:
Eline Sigfusson, Senior Advisor, +455366 0605

List of supported venues


  • DKK 2.5 million from the Nordic Culture Fund in 2017. The Fund has also earmarked money for 2018 and 2019.
  • DKK 1 million from the Nordic Council of Ministers for Culture
  • DKK 400,000 from the Danish Arts Foundation’s project funding committee for music. This additional funding meant that four extra Danish venues became eligible for puls funding in 2017.
  • DKK 220,000 from Music Foundation Finland and the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture. This additional funding meant that three extra Finnish venues became eligible for puls funding in 2017.

To be eligible for funding, puls promoters must co-fund their gigs. The self-funding component constitutes about two-thirds – representing total investment of around DKK 12 million in puls events.

The approval process

The national agencies for culture funding in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland screened the applicants. The national funding bodies for culture assessed their competencies and ability to promote high quality innovative artists and programmes. The Fund’s music expert also assessed the applications’ artistic quality and the development aspect of the music programmes. The final selection was based on these two assessments.

Development of the puls programme

The Culture Fund developed puls along with national funding bodies, national live music organisations, music export agencies and promoters in the Nordic countries.

puls in 2018–2019

Over the next two years, the puls promoters must continue to evaluate their programmes, develop new music programmes, work to build audiences and find new ways of collaborating, which will ultimately provide enhanced opportunities for artists to tour. The Fund will also take up the dialogue with promoters from Norway, Iceland, Greenland and Åland to encourage more puls promoters in 2018–2019 from these countries and areas.