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The Nordic Cultural Fund has today approved the 46 puls promoters who will stage concerts with promising Nordic artists over the next three years. The Fund is providing the 46 promoters with a total of DKK 4.1m in funding to facilitate 300+ concerts in the next year.
The Nordic Culture Fund is looking for a coordinator (temporary position) to start 15 August 2017.
In 2017, music venues and festivals will have a unique opportunity to focus on Nordic music and present young artists with international potential. Today, the Nordic Culture Fund launches its ambitious three-year puls programme, which in 2017 alone will allocate DKK 3.5 million to around 35 venues and festivals across the Nordic Region.
Hvilke tendenser og udviklingspotentialer kan man se på Nordens kunst- og kulturscene? De spørgsmål forsøges besvaret i en ny tendensrapport, som Nordisk Kulturfond nu publicerer.
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