The Fund decided to support the project because:

The Nordic Songwriters’ Circle is an exciting, high profile, high quality project with a distinctly Nordic dimension and scope. Songwriters from all across the Region will attend workshops in Norway, Denmark and the Faroe Islands. The project is of interest and relevance to the Nordic Culture Fund because it aims to enhance the status of Nordic songwriters beyond the Region.

The applicant wrote about the project:

Songwriting is very much about getting your music to the right people – often people who work in large international companies that receive thousands of songs a year. The Nordic countries are known for successful artists, but apart from Sweden, they have not established reputations for songwriting.

The Nordic Songwriters’ Circle is a collaboration between Songwriters’ Circle Stavanger (Norway), Engelsholm Folk High School (Denmark) and the Nordic House in Torshavn (Faroe Islands). Its objectives are to promote Nordic co-operation in songwriting, enhance the international status of Nordic songwriting and inspire young local artists. The project brings together professional songwriters from Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Norway, Iceland and Sweden, plus three from the USA, in workshops in Torshavn, at Engelsholm Folk High School and in Stavanger. The participants will split into groups to write new songs, which will be performed on the final day of the three workshops.

Songwriters’ Circle Stavanger has been inviting internationally renowned songwriters to attend workshops along with local and national songwriters since 2007. The Circle has demonstrated that collaboration on songwriting boosts the chances of success and of making a living from music.