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The project received funding because:

In this ambitious project about the future and evolution of glass art, 3 strong specialist museums, Riihimäki (FI), The Glass Factory, Boda (SE), and Glasmuseet Ebeltoft, Ebeltoft (DK), invite glass artists to come and use and develop museums and the provisions of museums in a way that is relevant for the practice of the art form and for the future of glass in the Nordic region. Part of this will be done, on the one hand, with a new exhibition, highlighting up to the minute trends and, on the other, with collaborations and networks.   Things are really taking off now – the Nordic Culture Fund wishes the project participants well with their work!

About the project:

The practical execution and context in the field of glass have undergone major changes in recent years, leading to a marked shift in relation to handmade glass. In practical terms, previously thriving large scale glass production, both in terms of the financial development of art manufacture and the development of the design traditions of the respective countries, no longer exists. The collapse of the glass industry leaves a void that 'Scandinavian Glass – starting all over' wishes to fill and exploit.  

Together, Finnish Glasmuseum, Riihimäki (FI), The Glass Factory, Boda (SE), and Glasmuseet Ebeltoft, Ebeltoft (DK) came up with the idea for this HANDMADE project. The project aims to:

  • develop a new look at the design tradition
  • develop and promote specialist museums as forward-looking powerhouses that can help to inspire and train practitioners and, going forward, contribute to showing new ways for glass art and design.

On the basis of their in-depth knowledge of the tradition, and with a focus on innovation and further development, the museums will involve glass artists to develop/demonstrate new business models. The museums will provide the setting and know-how, but the actual development will be in the hands of the practitioners. The involvement of the participants, the creation of networks, and knowledge sharing across countries and professional boundaries are major elements in the implementation of the project. The practising artists will be involved at all levels of the project, in an attempt to create networks among institutions, glass workshops and practising artists.    

The project includes:

  • A travelling exhibition that highlights current trends in the field of Nordic glass: the biggest general display in two decades. Practising artists will be involved in curating the exhibition.
  • Workshops/residencies involving practitioners and other operators from Nordic countries. Workshops will be run at or in association with the museum institutions with the aim of making them 'place makers' - power houses that use the collections and settings to generate future evolution of the field.
  • A closing symposium in October 2018

Nordic collaboration:

The project is established as a collaboration between the glass museums Finnish Glasmuseum, Riihimäki (FI), The Glass Factory, Boda (SE), and Glasmuseet Ebeltoft, Ebeltoft (DK), while also involving Nordic glass artists and other players.

Total budget: 1 730 000 DKK
Applied for:  1 000 000 DKK                            
Approved grant:   850 000 DKK
Project period: 01.01.2017-31.10.2018

Special pool earmarked for HANDMADE in 2016

This project was supported by a Special pool earmarked for HANDMADE in 2016. Normally, the Fund caps applications at DKK 500,000 and 50% of total project budget, however, HANDMADE 2016 invited projects to apply for amounts ranging from DKK 500,000 to DKK 1 million and up to 85% of total project costs.

The assessment criteria were: HANDMADE aims to promote and stimulate handicrafts and handmade design by encouraging new Nordic and international partnerships and to help raise the visibility and profile of a wide range of handmade art forms and idioms. The spotlight is on projects that:

  • contribute to the development and visibility of handmade design and that focus on free, experimental and conceptual aspects
  • help challenge and break down traditional boundaries for handmade arts, crafts and design
  • include individuals or organisations from other disciplines and artistic genres.

The Fund’s general criteria about Nordic substance, quality, support and impact also applied.

Christina Zetterlund from Sweden and Mari Savio from Finland acted as expert advisors. The Board of the Nordic Culture Fund made the final decision on which projects to fund.

From 2017, HANDMADE will be part of the Fund’s general programmes of project funding and OPSTART. Read more about the programmes under “Apply for funding”.

Photo: Henrik Svarrer Larsen & Mads Höbye