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Red Door/ Midjourney Al.

The project received funding because of:
The project focuses on indie and outsider literature, a field in which many innovative productions are created. The project targets book publishers, book collectors, authors, bookbinders and others, and seeks to create dialogue between them across the Nordic countries. The Covid-19 pandemic has indeed isolated actors in this part of the industry, which is why the project's focus on a sense of community and networking in the field is both beneficial and necessary.

The applicant wrote about the project:
The Perfect Binding Bookfair aims to cultivate a sense of community and dialog within the independent literary and book craft communities in Nordic countries and overseas, to establish a new synergy in the wake of recent setbacks like the Covid-19 and Brexit situations that created barriers leaving individuals and groups in this milieu more isolated. The project aims to connect and grow this community and inspire new collaborations and creations, to explore the possibilities for further projects and provide mutual support.