B2019.0517 Moki30 Credits Blank Forms

The picture is drawn by Moki Cherry and it is published by courtesy of Blank Forms.

The project received funding because of:

The project works closely with archival documentation and intermediation of new music and art history, to present histories of Nordic art that are largely unknown in the USA. The Nordic Culture Fund finds the project to be professionally strong and relevant for global views of Nordic art and culture.

The applicant wrote about the project:

With the project Organic Music Societies: Spiritual Ensembles in Scandinavia, Blank Forms will present groundbreaking avant-garde ensembles that flourished in Scandinavia in the 1960s and 1970s. The project highlights four artists (or duos): Swedish painter Moki Cherry, Sweden-based American musician Don Cherry, Swedish composer Catherine Christer Hennix, and Danish saxophonist John Tchicai.

The project will foster ongoing exchange among artists and audiences across the globe. It focuses on presenting a particular, little-known network of historically important artists who worked across the Nordic region, Europe, and the US. Organic Music Societies aims to stress the cross-cultural circumstances which supported the work of these artists by exploring how their methods continue to push the boundaries of how people think about political and spiritual art. This will reflect the diverse lineage of Organic Music. By presenting connections between historical and contemporary artistic contexts, the project will strengthen the image of Nordic art history outside the region.

The collaborators of the project come from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Japan, US, and UK. With the project, the collaborators foster ongoing artistic networks in New York. The project will even introduce artistic practices from the Nordic region for new audiences.