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The project received funding because:

The project is relevant and interesting. The long perspective for the network – beyond the first seminar - is one of the strengths of this project.  The first step for the network is to arrange a seminar in Denmark that gathers Nordic professional woodturners and craftsmen. Under the seminar professionals will share their know-how and get inspired by the art and craft presented by leading professionals on the field.

The applicant wrote about the project:

Skolen for kreativ fritid in Viborg, Denmark is planning to re-develop a concept and tradition by arranging Nordic Woodturning Seminar, focusing on Nordic trends in woodturning. The schools overall goal and vision in relation to Nordic Woodturning Seminar, is to maintain, carry on and develop an old traditional craft industry, which builds on Nordic handicraft traditions and is part of our common cultural heritage.

The overall purpose of the participants will be to join a Nordic forum as well as build and develop a professional and cultural network. At the same time, the goal will to get inspiration from each other as well as debates and discussions with skilled professionals across the Nordic countries. The target group for the seminar will be experienced woodturners from Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

Nordic Woodturning Seminar should be a forum where all woodturners should give inspiration and knowledge across the Nordic countries. The hope is to attract skilled woodturners, who can contribute with inspiration. We know that many woodturners seek inspiration across borders and that there is a mutual respect, interest and curiosity for eg. design and methods in the respective Nordic countries.