The project received funding because:

It is an impressive program that will visualize Nordic dance art, companies and choreography. The project will be able to promote the Nordic region to a large extent.


The applicant wrote about the project:

France's national theater "Chaillot Theater" in Paris is planning a festival for Nordic dance: "Festival nordique" 16th-28th January 2018. The festival will include 21 performances by six different dance companies from the five Nordic countries. The program also includes film screenings (including "Ingmar Bergman genome koreografens öga" by Ingmar Bergman jr., which also marks the 100th anniversary of Ingmar Bergman in 2018), master classes with two of the companies at Chaillot and two workshops with two of the choreographers at CND/National Center of dance in Paris, videos screenings with other Nordic dance companies at Chaillot and residence at Chaillot for five selected young Nordic choreographers during the festival. Additionally, ONDA (French Office for Contemporary Performing Arts Circulation) organizes a meeting with the Nordic og French choreographers.

Invited companies and choreographers

  • Cullbergballetten (SVE) with choreograph Jefta van Dinther
  • Compani Tero Saarinen (FIN) with choreographer Tero Saarinen
  • Göteborgsoperan (SVE) with choreographer Alan Lucien Øyen (NOR)
  • Nasjonalballetten (NOR) with choreographer Ina Christel Johannessen
  • Bára Sigfúsdóttir (ISL)
  • Company Himherandit (DAN) with choreographer Andreas Constantinou

There are also planned a press trip to the Nordic countries before the festival, as well as organizing press conferences during the festival.

The Nordic embassies and cultural institutes also plan events held alongside the festival to strengthen the festival and the Nordic culture in Paris. These arrangements require that the festival's financing is secured. The arrangements are not covered by the project/budget in this application.

The photo is form the performance “Kodak” by the Norwegian choreographer Alan Lucien Øien for Göteborgsoperans Danskompani.