The project received funding because:

In the light of the developments in the radio medium (podcasts i.e.), Københavns Radiobiograf appears as a very exciting and important event.

The project is well-funded both in Nordic and international contexts and the Festival is planned with clear objectives. The combination of radio and cinema challenges the way to consume radio and traditional use of cinemas.

The applicant wrote about the project:

Københavns Radiobiograf Festival is not only about good sound stories. It is basically about the meeting between people: The meeting between the audience, before, during and after the listening.  And also the meeting between the audience and the producers.
The Festival is about fellowship, empathy and approaching each other. Values we should care about in a time where the divisions in society seem to be on their way.  

København Radiobiograf Festival is a recurring event, which will ensure that Copenhagen becomes the city in the Nordic Region where Nordic and international radio producers meet and meet their Nordic audience.

The Festival consists of approximately 20 events – listening sessions, debates and workshops. Each of the Nordic partners will curate a radio cinema, a workshop and/or participate in panel discussions. The Nordic works which are being presented to the public are all subtitled in the original language.

In addition, a Nordic radio prize will be awarded during the Festival. The nominated works will be translated into English and will therefore also be available for an international audience.