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The project received funding because:

A varied group of people will be affected by this project. The project has a large audience at the three knitting festivals. A knitting festival is clearly an example of how production by hand can create a positive community between people. This project contributes to the festivals and strengthens the community with a new element that has a high artistic quality and high academic level.

The applicant wrote about the project:

The project aims to examine the interface between the architectural discipline and Nordic knitting crafts. To discover how Nordic knit as narrative, design and materiality can be translated into an architectural work, and how architecture simultaneously can help to challenge and develop the Nordic knitting tradition.
The focus is to strengthen innovation in the Nordic knits and test new experimental artistic collaborations that challenge and creates new perspective on architecture as a discipline.

Project activities:

  1. A competency development where the knitting festivals organizers from Orkanger (Norway) and Blönduós (Iceland) are trained by Fanø Knitting Festival (Denmark) in using architectural innovative experience environments as part of their annual knitting festivals.

  2. An interdisciplinary artistic development process, developing a prospect for a removable textile hotel that can meet the need for accommodation capacity during the festivities, while at the same time function as an innovative experimental environment as well as showcase for Nordic knitting crafts. The goal is to test new experimental collaborations between architects, textile designers and knitters at the three Nordic knitting festivals.

  3. Building a Nordic knitting festival network for festival organizers, who can act as a sparring and knowledge sharing network in the future. Also making a common web portal that can disseminate results of the project, and serve as a common Nordic showcase for Nordic knitting crafts.

Photo: Vicki Thake (project collaborator)