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The project received funding because: 

This is a project that the fund hopes to see more of in the future. A well prepared application with an interesting angle on a very interesting topic. The project seems to be created by solid contacts and has the potential to reach outside of the Nordic region.

The applicant wrote about the project:

Horse Girl is a new Nordic and international feminist cooperation founded by Natasha Loutchko and Josefin Arnell. Along with invited artists and gender researchers, they will initiate a critical debate through which they want to explore a new Nordic feminist reflection. Through a publication, dialogue and presentation, Horse Girl will become a common transnational discourse for the investigation of Nordic positions/movement of feminist and how these positions help to define them and what parallel worlds they create similarities. The project aims to publish the collected material, which subsequently form the basis of a performance/lecture with Arnell and Loutchbo. By working with each other and with younger girls, the project will examine how girls can use their bodies and their mental states to make trauma visible. The target group is younger in the fields of art and performing arts.

Nordic participants:
Josefin Arnell - Härjedalen/Berlin/Amsterdam
Natasja Loutcho - Flen og Berlin
Stine Omar (NO)
Ihra Lill (NO)
Carloline Betempes (BRA)
Hferna Hörn Leifsdottir (IS)

The approach to this project includes research, field work and academic discussions. The idea is based on personal experience from other projects working on the same topic.

Performance talk by Stine Omar & Ihra Lill about Norwegian torpeds and blood. 

Performance reading by Jessie Holmes