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The project received funding because:

The project is based on close Nordic cooperation across the countries involved, but there is also close collaboration with local stakeholders in each country. The project will have a long-term positive influence on the learning about and the interest in geological heritage. It is interesting that the project combines geology and heritage.

The applicant wrote about the project:

GEOmuseum aims to valorize and disseminate the cultural heritage of the Nordic Countries within virtual and real itineraries displayed in the exhibition centers of the project partners.

The main result will be 4 GEOmuseums for the valorization and dissemination of the Nordic common cultural heritage and geological processes.

Cultural experts, teachers, scientist and responsible for local museums will be actively involved in order to detect the best practices for the GEOmuseum contents and outfitting.

The project will provide opportunities for local communities and local cultural businesses to develop and enhance their skills to better welcome visitors including tourism and education organizations and develop social and economic opportunities through the development of shared learning experience.

GEOmuseum will also contribute to develop the best setting for displaying the virtual exhibition in the visitor centers: combining traditional museum dissemination learning-/ teaching techniques and the new approach of virtual learning.