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The project received funding because: 

The idea of the project is clear and positive, embracing Nordic inspiration and connections in a creatice way. The people behind the application seem to have a history of interesting art projects with young people, as artists and/or teachers. The application is very thorough and well-conceived.

The applicant wrote about the project:

Bridging the Gap is a cultural exchange of the ideas and voices of Kingston upon Hull (UK), Aarhus (DK), and Reykjavik (IS). This project will create new collaborative works between youth groups of Nordic countries and the U.K through poetry, stories, and sound editing workshops.

The work is based on themes of bridges and local folk tales to develop cultural identity, resilience, and engagement in literacy and sonic arts through sharing the ideas and similarities of the three host cities. The participants will create public realm artwork co-created with schools, colleges, and youth groups in collaboration with the following artists: Counting to Zero (UK), Eyvind Gulbrandsen (DK), Lou Hazelwood (UK) and an artist from Reykjavik.

Together, the participants will develop new and modern adaptations of folk stories and poetry of companionship and isolation, peace and war and wanderlust. They will create and record spoken and written word which will be complimented by local field recordings.

The new understanding of the three nations will be shared in the form of public sound installations alongside a printed collection of the literature and images created by the project in Reykjavik. A subsequent exhibition will be held in Aarhus and Hull. The exhibition will later be brought to Finland and the Faroe Islands.

Participants will have to learn about one another’s cultures to inform the recorded sound and printed text content. They will develop robust cultural identities and sustainable relations linking Kingston upon Hull with all of the Nordic states.

This project supports the plans of developing Kingston upon Hull as a Nordic city.