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HANDMADE is a three-year funding programme run by the Nordic Culture Fund, 2016-2018. Applications are welcome from all art and culture fields that would benefit from working with partners in the Nordic countries - on projects that explore the theme HANDMADE from a variety of angles. 

Comments on HANDMADE and the projects it funds:

  • “HANDMADE presents radically new perspectives by preserving, reinterpreting and developing what we can do with our hands. HANDMADE reclaims the arts and crafts and creates new from old.”
  • “HANDMADE is about discoveries: The very large begins with the small – on the periphery, in the undiscovered, the underestimated, the forgotten.”
  • “Projects can be national or international, but need to have a Nordic perspective – an interpretation of what it means to be Nordic.”
  • “HANDMADE focuses on the small scale, where the body and hands are responsible for the artistic production – whether in the arts and crafts or projects that reflect on the scale, products and processes involved in production by hand.”
  • “One of the things HANDMADE really does right is to underline the collaborative aspect. Working together is the key to better results and opportunities to start something new – on an international level.”
  • “HANDMADE is embedded in local production as a response to globalisation’s outsourcing of production capacities.”

Read more about projects that has received HANDMADE-funding by now.

Funding in 2017 and 2018
HANDMADE is a part of the Fund’s general funding programmes: OPSTART and project funding. The terms, conditions and assessment criteria for these programmes will apply.

The fund's Project Ambassador for HANDMADE Mari Savio helps to mobilize new applicants and gives advice on how to implement Nordic culture projects. Read more about the fund's Project Ambassadors. 

First applications in 2016
The Fund set a deadline of 15 August 2016 for applications to a special DKK 3 million pool earmarked for HANDMADE. It received 39 applications – far more than expected – and the quality was extremely high. To accommodate this keen interest, an extra DKK 1 million was added to the pool, bringing it to a total of DKK 4 million. This allowed the Fund to provide grants to eight projects. The fund approved also a OPSTART grant to a project which was interesting, but not quite ready to qualify for project funding.

The eight projects from 2016 were:

Normally, the Fund caps applications at DKK 500,000 and 50% of total project budget, however, HANDMADE 2016 invited projects to apply for amounts ranging from DKK 500,000 to DKK 1 million and up to 85% of total project costs. The Fund’s general assessment criteria about Nordic substance, quality, support and impact applied and moreover HANDMADE assessment criteria: HANDMADE aims to promote and stimulate handicrafts and handmade design by encouraging new Nordic and international partnerships and to help raise the visibility and profile of a wide range of handmade art forms and idioms. The spotlight is on projects that:

  • contribute to the development and visibility of handmade design and that focus on free, experimental and conceptual aspects
  • help challenge and break down traditional boundaries for handmade arts, crafts and design
  • include individuals or organisations from other disciplines and artistic genres.