Share. Research. Print. Blow. Write. Develop. Build. Glaze. Show. Play. Curate. Sew. Weld. Paint. Bend. Crochet. Exhibit. Colour. Link. Film. Recycle. Apply!

Foto: Jukka Kiistala, Projekt: Weaving Kiosk, Rosa Tolnov Clausen

HANDMADE is a three-year funding programme run by the Nordic Culture Fund, 2016-2018.

Applications are welcome from all art and culture fields that would benefit from working with partners in the Nordic countries - on projects that explore the theme HANDMADE from a variety of angles. 

HANDMADE supports also projects that contribute to understanding and reflecting the handmade and that produce and communicate editorial content about what’s new. 

HANDMADE encourages new voices and shows the diversity and variety in the field  

  • HANDMADE expression forms and makers of HANDMADE are diverse. Making by hand is the common denominator
  • All art and culture sectors can apply – also across sectors
  • HANDMADE makes space for mediating, reflection and theory
  • HANDMADE challenges the traditional boundaries between institutions, genres and cultures

HANDMADE shows and supports what’s happening with crafts: New perspectives and a new take on what’s allowed

  • HANDMADE is crafts newly detected and reinterpreted in our time
  • HANDMADE is about discoveries: The very large begins with the small – on the periphery, in the undiscovered, the underestimated, the forgotten
  • HANDMADE enforces local initiatives with Nordic perspectives, in Nordic collaboration, and finds new ways to interpret what it means to be Nordic

HANDMADE-collaborations are the key to even better results and artistic development

  • To start a Nordic co-operation enforces makers and scenes on the HANDMADE-field
  • With a HANDMADE project you can show your special skills and know-how to a larger audience and spread it on a Nordic level
  • HANDMADE-projects build a network of Nordic experts from different genres whose strengths and knowledge other HANDMADE participants have access to

Apply for funding in 2018

HANDMADE is a part of the Fund’s general funding programmes: OPSTART and project funding. The terms, conditions and assessment criteria for these programmes will apply to your HANDMADE-application.

  • OPSTART supports projects with a clear development perspective and the start-up phase of pilot projects.
  • Project funding supports projects developed and ready for implementing. Projects that receive project funding in 2018 have to be finalised at latest in the end of 2020.

The fund's Project Ambassador for HANDMADE, Mari Savio, helps to mobilize new applicants and gives advice on how to implement Nordic culture projects. Read more about the fund's Project Ambassadors.